다이애나 밴드는 관계적 미학을 향한 디자인과 미디어 아트를 실험하는 2인조팀이다. 우리는 관객들의 참여와 관계형성을 위해 공연성과 상호작용성을 작업에 적용하고, 관객은 때때로 작품의 적극적인 개입자로서 혹은 일시적 사건에 개입되는 관찰자로서 사건에 초대된다.

Dianaband is an inter-disciplinary artist duo established in 2010 and currently based in Seoul. They explore in the fields of object design and media art, in order to find the imaginary moment and situation of everyday life.

They believe “Sensible Objects” makes narrative environments or events and invites people to find common sense and universal language.

Dianaband has been exhibited their works internationally in Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and South Korea. Their projects was committed by National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea(2015), Arco Performing Arts Center(2015), Korea Craft & Design Foundation(2014), Zuiderzee Museum(2012), MEM Experimental Arts International Festival(2011) and so on.

people_Wonjung Shin신원정, Dooho Yi이두호

서울 문래동 NEWMART에서 작업합니다. currently working in Seoul, ROK

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