Climate justice code

CJC is looking for a designer/developer for a temporary website


  • Preferred domain name:
  • Server: must be hosted on ‘green’ energy web server, preferably with a hosting service that also addresses related issues. eg greenhost (focus on internet freedom and privacy), greennet (focus on cooperative business model and social justice issues). Greennet would be favoured option at this point.
  • Energy and bandwidth use: website needs to work on low bandwidth and not use energy hungry visuals.
  • Accessibility: foreground accessibility for all users (eg ppl using a screen reader, people with visual sensitivities, D/deaf users, neurodiverse users)
  • via design -- eg. fonts, contrast, not too much visual noise or movement
  • via content -- eg in page image descriptions or alt tags, audio must be accompanied by transcripts, video must come with closed captions (this point is more info for the working group who will update the website, this version of the website will be mainly text).
  • Usability: website will be updated by the CJC working group who have various degrees of tech experience. A simple back end would be much appreciated, perhaps using a wiki structure or something else simple.
  • Visual identity: clear and simple, easy to navigate
  • Preference for design using F/OSS principles.


  • Landing page
  • Preamble
  • 4 core values pages
  • An extendable number of action strands pages
  • Manual of Use page
  • Resources page
  • Glossary
  • Colofon
  • About
  • (more to come)


  • Final website launch date: 9 October
  • Website proofing: 1-7 October
  • Final website texts ready: 25 September
  • Website structure ready: TBA
  • Website working group available to meet designer through August for initial online meeting. Would want to plan out the navigation of the structure and agree a design schedule with them at that meeting.

  • Designer’s fee: 300euro incl. BTW
  • Hosting costs will come from a separate budget.
  • Contact: or +31645561890

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