Coop Platform rebuild


The software built by James for the coop platform has shown very interesting features and a good workflow to organize H&D yearly budget into a more approachable format.

The experimentation done by running it on a private Ethereum-based blockchain was at the same time useful in terms of how to “vote“ on a project proposal, as well as full of complications.


While keeping all the core ideas from the original project, this re-implementation aims to start with a simpler setup (eg no blockchain as database, but a more canonical posgresql), a more solid user interface and better integration with the wiki.

In parallel, an ongoing research track on co-op structures will be developed, both to inform the design of the new coop software as well as the general internal workflows of the group.

Later on, a private blockchain could be re-introduced as part of going experimentation with coop models.

Software stack:

  • golang for the backend (opportunity to learn new lang)
  • posgresql for the database
  • python for the frontend, or possibly javascript (it depends how the UI works)


  • André
  • Karl (interfacemaken)

Work outline

Research and Design:

  • outline of previous workflow (from coop platform) together with current one
  • definition of general, agreed upon, workflow amongst all coop members
    • what does a user need to do to propose a project?
    • how does a user vote on a project?


  • setup of database
  • building of necessary functions based on agreed upon workflow
  • setup of APIs for frontend to interact with
  • login system
  • notification system? eg
    • when a new project has been added
    • or approved
    • or proposed but never reached enough votes after x amount of time


  • design of user interface
  • building of necessary functions to talk with backend
  • actual UI implementation
  • login system