Ubuntu Apache Webserver

Installing Apache Webserver on Ubuntu

Step 1 : SSH to your instance

you@laptop:~$ ssh root@

Step 2 : Update package manager

root@jbg:~# apt-get update

Step 3 : Install Apache Webserver

root@jbg:~# apt-get install apache2

Step 4 : Check the Webserver

Put your instance IP address (ex. into your browser. You should see a page called "Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page".

Step 5 : Create your own homepage

root@jbg:~# cd /var/www/html

Create a backup of the default page.

root@jbg:~# mv index.html index.html.bkup

root@jbg:~# echo '<h1>Welcome!</h1>' > index.html


Step 6 : Copying files


I recommend using the scp command for copying files, or perhaps your file transfer application (CyberDuck, etc.) of preference also supports scp. File can be moved from your computer to the VPS via the terminal as well. It's a bit like ftp, but encrypted and secure.

Example 1: Copy a new single index.html to the webserver.

you@laptop:~$ scp index.html root@

Example 2: Copy an entire directory, files, and sub-directories to the webserver.

you@laptop:~$ scp -r * root@


root@handd:~# apt-get install software-properties-common

root@handd:~# add-apt-repository universe

root@handd:~# apt-get update

Follow directions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureFTP

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