The Universe of ( ) Images



The long-held idea of images as proof of reality vanished. Washed away by manipulative practices of image production our hyper-visual media streams have become highly subjective and emotional. Authenticity claims to be the new challenge while power structures shift and users become creators.

Within two 48 hour workshops we will explore the shift of construction and perception of 'truth' in visual culture. Images and videos that long served as pieces of evidence, can now be modified by technical means and thus be manipulated in visible as well as invisible manner.


At the same time our use and understanding of the notion of truth and reality has heavily changed. 'White lies' and 'alternative facts' are buzzwords that illustrate how truth is about to turn into a subjective concept. Meanings and images are being tweaked to gain power, sympathy or trust.


Together we look at the role of technical applications within the de-/construction of truth. How can the tools we build and use shape how we publish and consume media? Who can we trust when the concept of truth has vanished? Can ideas of 'subjectivity' replace the notions of objectivity and rationality? …


We invite young journalists, hackers, photographers, designers, filmmakers, programmers and visual makers to two weekends of experimenting, exploring, questioning, hacking, designing and publishing. The course will be led by the Dutch initiative Hackers & Designers from Amsterdam and the German non-profit organisation Froh! from Cologne. Together they build a team of journalists, designers, artists and hackers. They’ll be joined by experts with input and guidance. The project will run on two weekends and in two cities.


This first weekend will be kicked off with a public symposium.


  • Friday November 23

6–9pm Kick off Symposium at fanfare with Arthur Steiner and Leonardo Dellanoce, Colm O’Neill, fanfare

  • Saturday November 24

10am–6pm workshop at fanfare

  • Sunday November 25

10am–4pm workshop at fanfare

Resources: Coralie's tools Facetool

Second part of the workshop: 7–9 December in Cologne!


The project The Universe of [ ] Images is funded by Fonds Soziokultur and Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie