HDSA2020 will take place remotely from July 20-25, 2020


In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic Hackers & Designers acknowledges the importance of continuity and solidary action, thus proposes an alternative format for the 6th edition of the H&D Summer Academy. Without rendering the current events as an opportunity we restructured our annual H&D Summer Academy into a distributed workshop programme—taking place in one dedicated week in July! We have received a lot of exciting workshop proposals and are excited about potential of this year's summer academy.

Are you interested in exploring the possibilties and boundaries of network infrastructures, inter-social and technical communication protocols, material implications of connectivity? You want to lift the fog off cloud concepts? Are you thinking through making? Are you looking for new challenges and cross-disciplinary collaboration? Join the H&D Summer Academy 2020!

Check out our Open Call for participation HDSA2020: Network Imaginaries

BodyBuilding: A Platform in Transition

Our exhibition BodyBuilding. Inefficient Tool Building for Quantified Beings at Tetem in Enschede is currently closed for public due to COVID-19. H&D is working on means to share what we developed with our collaborators. Join our event 'BodyBuilding: A Platform in Transition on 24 June where we launch a website dedicated to publishing works from the BodyBuilding exhibition.

Stay tuned by signing up to our mailinglist and checking the website of Tetem.

We put together a non exhaustive list of Anti-Racism Resources to build a better understanding of what can be done to actively fight racism. We will continue to add things as we stumble upon new inspiring resources, feel free to share!

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