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Below is an overview of our privacy policy and protocols.


Hackers & Designers is a publicly-funded organization, and "user reach" is one of the measurements required by cultural funding institutions in the Netherlands. Therefore, our website uses a minimal and completely anonymized analytics software called Matomo. Matomo is a free and open source software that we self-host on our server. We have configured our Matomo instance to be fully compliant with Article 13 of the GDPR. That means, there is a cookie in the browser creating a unique ID for each client. No unnecessary user data is collected, all IP addresses are anonymized, and all data is automatically deleted after our annual reports. What is collected: unique visits to different pages and the locations from which the visits come from.

Enabling a cookie-blocker on your browser will disable the Matomo cookie and exclude your visit from our analytics.

Processing Personal Data

Any personal data you've shared with us, either through communication by email or through filling out a form when signing up to an activity or camp, is treated with utmost care and sensitivity. All digital data is deleted when it is no longer needed.


In order to report on our activities, we may take photos. Each activity has its own protocol regarding photo documentation. With spoken consent, we may publish these photos on our website, social media accounts, publications and inside published funding reports.

If you see yourself represented or misrepresented in a photo that we have published anywhere online, do not hesitate to contact us in order to take it down or choose a better one together!