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The H&D Bulletin is an occasional publication that brings together practical and reflective articles, conversations, scripts and manuals, experimental, poetic, visual, or otherwise speculative contributions from H&D coop members, critical friends, guests, and participants of our activities.

The bulletins are published on the H&D website, and the H&D mailing list, and circulated via our social media channels. Printed versions are distributed through the H&D network whenever there is an opportunity.

This edition of the H&D bulletin was assembled, edited and designed using ChattyPub an experimental publishing tool developed by H&D. ChattyPub is built on top of open-source team chat application Zulip. The content for the publication is created by sending messages to dedicated chat channels. Simple CSS rules are also written in the form of chat messages and can be applied to content by reacting to the respective message with the emoji associated with that CSS rule. As such, the publication-in-the-making, can be created and designed collectively.


Published by:

Hackers & Designers
NDSM-plein 1033 WC



Hackers & Designers, 2023. Copyleft with a difference: This is a collective work, you are invited to copy, distribute, and modify it under the terms of the CC4r.

The authored work released under the CC4r was never yours to begin with. The CC4r considers authorship to be part of a collective cultural effort and rejects authorship as ownership derived from individual genius. This means recognizing that it is situated in social and historical conditions and that there may be reasons to refrain from release and re-use.

Copyleft Attitude with a difference, 24 November 2022.

The CC4r was developed for the Constant work session Unbound Libraries (spring 2020) and followed by discussions during and contributions to the study day Authors of the Future (Fall 2019). It is based on the Free Art License and inspired by other licensing projects such as The (Cooperative) Non-Violent Public License and the Decolonial Media license.

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