Art camping


Art Camping + Encryption + Instant Symbiosis

Part 1

Richtje Reinsma: Art Camping

Art Camping is a non-political anti-war group from Aleppo, Syria that organizes art projects in public space bringing people together from different ethnic and religious groups. Whenever there is electricity, they post about their activities on facebook. What opportunities might this on-and-off internet connection offer for collaboration with Art Camping?https://www.facebook.com/ArtCamping

Richtje Reinsma is an artist based in Amsterdam who draws, writes and makes radio documentary. In 2004 she worked in Aleppo, Syria as the assistant of Issa Touma, initiator of Art Camping.

Part 2

Sil Westerveld: Encryption

Part 3

Monolithm: Instant Symbiosis

Instant Symbiosis is a workshop that intends to explore the communication between digital and physical media. During the workshop participants are asked to create instant habitats for digital content and non-electronic objects on the spot.

Monolithm is an Amsterdam based design and research collective by Yin Aiwen and Stefan Schäfer investigating the coexistence of the digital and the physical, the electronic and the non-electronic, the rational and the irrational, the machinelike and the soulful.

www.richtjereinsma.nl monolithm.com yinaiwen.com stephanshafer.net