HDSA2019 Video Documentation


Juliette Lizotte and Heerko van der Kooij are working on the Documentation of the Summer Academy. They have created a script to generate a video per day from the content collected over each day: shot with camera, phone, screen recording, animation and some images from the identity made by Cyanne van den Houten

This script takes all the videos in a specified folder and uses parts of these videos to generate a random yet unique video of the specified length adding specific effects, keying colors, overlapping videos and text and addring extra screens.

Everyday the code is being updated and adjusted to fit better to the itention!

Find the code here!

Day 1 Introduction Day

Day2 Heart Bits & Meditation

Day3 Heart Bits, Morning Rave & Digital Habits Yoga

Day4 Eliza Ludd the Fog and the Shade and Tech Pain Solutions

Day5 Studio Time, Multiform, queering sport and a conversation with Erin Gatz

Day 6 Generating Distance

Day 7 Volumetric Capture Lab

Day 8 Yogicode, Bob Ross lives and Coded Performance

Day 9 Studio time DIY salon and Film night

Day 10 Hackers & Designers Morning Rave 2 and The body electric: wearables!

Day 11 The body electric: wearables! and Every body wants your body moving